Sports Therapy

What Aspire Sports Therapy Does...

Brynn helps the body to re-balance and realign itself, thereby relieving pain and stress caused by tension and/or pressure. This allows the body to move the way it was meant to, giving people the ability to lead active lifestyles.

 Brynn works with health conscious individuals who struggle with chronic pain which limits their mobility. What separates her services from other health practitioners is that she uses the body's own mechanisms to help it correct misalignments. Because of this, clients receive quicker, longer, lasting results.

Services Offered

Athletic Therapy
Athletic Therapy is the immediate care, prevention and rehabilitation of muscle bone and joint injuries. It involves the assessment of physical function, treatment of the dysfunction which caused by pain and/or injury, in order to prevent further dysfuction.

Athletic Therapists specialize in active rehabilitation because we assess the whole body and treat the cause. WE are also trained in concussion recognition, management, and safe return to play or work protocols. 

Bowen Therapy
 Bowen is a manual therapy that uses precise points in a unique set of rolling type moves that activate the nerve bundles, stimulating the body to reset and repair itself. Since it affects the nervous system as well as the muscular system, it also integrates the mind-body relationship enabling longer lasting, pain free results. Bowen, mixed with the sports medicine model, has added an innovative approach to my treatments. Bowen Therapy is used as a technique to enhance my treatments following the sports medicine model.

Neurokinetic Therapy
Neurokinetic therapy combines manual muscle testing and motor control. Manual muscle testing is used to find weak or dysfunctional muscles in relationship to other muscles. Motor control center stores all of the coordination patterns of the body. By identifying the cause of pain and dysfunction and reprogramming the motor control center, the correction tends to happen quickly and painlessly. 

Concussion Management
Baseline testing is available for individual athletes or teams. Athletic Therapists are skilled in the assessment, treatment and return to play or work for individuals suffering from a concussion. The sooner the treatment, the faster the results. Many clients have noticed a fifty percent reduction of their symptoms after one session with Bowen Therapy.

Brynn is a Certified Athletic Therapist who found her passion by helping people return to their active lifestyles.

With a Bachelor degree in Athletics and Exercise Therapy from Camosun College in Victoria, BC, she has been working with a variety of age groups. Brynn specializes in returning athletes to the game they love, and former employees back to their careers.

To find out more about Brynn, please feel free to contact her: 


Phone: 604.499.9454