‚ÄčAbout the Studio

About Tola

Tola Yoga & Fitness was purchased in May of 2017 by Karesse Desmond. A long time yogi-in-training now turned yoga teacher, Karesse was looking to make an impact in her community. She was excited to see Tola's foundation is in the community it thrives in, Port Coquitlam.  Seeing potential for growth, Karesse worked with the existing instructors and clients of Tola Yoga to take the studio in a new direction. Introducing a Boutique, new classes and new instructors to the community with plans still to grow the studio in the Port Coquitlam area. 

Currently Port Coquitlam's largest dedicated Yoga & Fitness Studio, Tola has a large variety of classes, including barre classes and 5 different types of yoga , there is something for everyone at Tola Yoga & Fitness! 

Abou‚Äčt the Owner
From a small town in Northern British Columbia, Karesse began her yoga journey in 2009, when she was hired at her local Lululemon Store. Yoga became a benefit of her employment, and Karesse was intrigued, but not a serious practitioner. She eventually left the company to open her own business and thus ended her courtship with yoga as a lifestyle.

5 years later, after an immense amount of stress created by running a demanding construction company, she came back to yoga as a form of stress relief and physical release. Using yoga as a creative outlet and to create a healthy balanced lifestyle, she was in deeply devoted to her practice.
In 2016, Karesse embarked on her first Yoga Teacher Training at Vancouver School of Yoga and hasn't looked back.
Running her businesses full time, teaching and contributing to the community around her are her biggest passions. She can't wait to see what the future holds for Tola Yoga & Fitness. She can't wait to meet you on the mat!