Many highly successful companies like Lululemon, Apple, Google and Vega provide their employees with yoga classes in office.


Yoga provides staff an opportunity to develop mindfulness, reduce stress and increase productivity in corporate settings. By reducing issues such as physical stress (high blood pressure, neck and back strain, carpal tunnel etc.) you increase the productivity and over all well being of your staff. Yoga also helps to improve the ability to concentrate, make decisions, keep a positive outlook. It really is a beneficial tool for a successful business culture!

Corporate Yoga Rates & Pricing
Contact us today for your individual quotes! We come to you, or you can schedule your own private team building class at our studio in Port Coquitlam. 

Private Classes
1 hour class: $125 + GST
90 minute class: $145 + GST

We recommend students bring a mat, small towel and water for yoga class. Students will need to provide these, or if attending at our studio, mats are provided.

Reward your staff with a Gift Certificate!
Gift certificates are available in any denomination for classes or private instruction.

Corporate Yoga Classes